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What are our flower circles?

At Rooted Wild we create mindful workshops and circles to gather, share space and connect with nature using creativity and intention. Each workshop or circle is designed using creative and holistic practices to create a safe, non-judgemental space which allows you to leave the chatter of the mind behind and lets the creativity flow. 

Our circles are inspired by the ancient concept of a Women's Circle. Where women would gather in a safe, non-judgemental sacred space to reconnect with the feminine energy and share their inner wisdom and self-reflection. 

Our circles are open to anyone, not just women, who is wanting to intentionally connect with nature, their inner wisdom and release their creative energy. 


offerings included in a circle 

Perfect for birthdays, bridal showers/hen parties, baby blessings, festivals and corporate events. 

Together we can create a bespoke offering tailored to your intentions and we will adorn your chosen venue with everything you need. From decorations, flowers and all materials needed for the workshop.

Please feel free to send us a message to find out more details.  Check out our prices page here


Intention Setting

Flowering (eg. creating flower crowns, smudge sticks, seasonal wreaths, flower mandalas, or wild flower bouquets.) 

Meditation and Breathwork

Yoga (On request)

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